Kiss Your Liver Goodbye


Good evening angels ! I’m just here to tell you all that I have been away for a while during summer and that I meant to come back earlier this month but real life got a bit intense and a bit hectic and so voilà ? I am so sorry if some of you guys worried about me, I am ok, I wasn’t for a while but now I am definitely feeling better. I have a very very important week coming up so I most likely won’t be here at all but I WILL take the time to answer all the msgs I have in my inbox this weekend. I hope you guys are having the best time, kisses and hugs for you all !!

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just like, a monthly update, I love Pal / classroominthewoods A LOT and she’s the light of my entire life and one day we’re gonna live in a giant house with approximately 200 dogs

yo guys, my future looks so fucking bright, you have no idea

hon, ngl, I saw that pic you posted with the paintbrushes and stuff and I was tempted to take a pic of my desk crawling with political essays and newspapers, cups and cups of coffee and history books and to tag it “fear not, my darling grantaire, your enjolras is right here”

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i’ve just watched the last episode of this danish tv show and i dunno why i expected a happy ending but there was nothing happy about this, jesus god why

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I was gonna make a post on how the plus side of learning new languages was that you could flirt with more people but turns out that I made a similar post a few months ago, I am happy to see that I am consistent in my beliefs

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that wasn’t supposed to be a quote, I clicked the wrong thingy, I am such a looser (but like in a positive fun way)

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turning off auto-capitalization on my phone because it doesn’t meet my chill ass down to earth aesthetic



What’s the definition of a will?

Come on guys it’s a dead giveaway

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Please don’t just sit there like a vacant little catastrophe if you don’t understand this."
— Calculus professor (via mathprofessorquotes)